Psychology at work

The world of work is unrecognisable due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

People are adapting to remote working and social changes, while facing their own personal difficulties, more than ever.

As a Business Psychologist, I provide psychological informed and tailored services that enable organisations to engage, motivate and support their people as best possible. I offer a menu of services particularly relevant to the current upheaval and remote working, which can be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements. Get in touch to arrange a discussion of your requirements and concerns, and how I can help. 

Workplace Health Check  

A two-hour conversation in which we explore your current situation and key concerns and aims. I may use diagnostic tools before or during the session with you or your team, such as a questionnaire or semi-structured interview.

Workplace and Mental Health Wellbeing Seminars or Training

Bitesize, modular 90- minute webinar seminars on how a variety of mental health topics such as mental workload, psychological safety, remote working work-life If you haven’t done so already, profiling your staff or using available psychometric data is provides invaluable information to get individual and team dynamics, performance and productivity on track.


Embrace accountability, change and momentum.  I am a qualified Coaching Psychologists. This means, in addition to my professional psychology education I have completed additional coaching training and am registered with the British Psychological Society.  In my coaching practice, I leverage a deep understanding of how people think, feel and act, while using practical coaching techniques to unlock clients’ potential.

People find my services helpful and supportive.  Contact me for a free initial discussion.