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Help for your life

My Approach

Therapy and Counselling are a conversation about living, about what it is like for you to be human and why it often feels so hard. I will work with you to help you understand yourself better and develop more helpful ways of dealing with your difficulties. I will provide a space based on support, confidentiality, trust, and empathy. Together, we will explore those issues which challenge and limit you and the changes that will benefit you. This is also a good description of Existential Therapy, which is a type of therapy I provide. It is based on shared dialogue and participation. I will offer support and encouragement to help you achieve your goals. People describe me as warm and easy to talk to.

What I offer

I help people with most of life’s difficulties and mental health issues. However, the below issues are those I deal with the most:

  • Anxiety

  • Work-Life stress / Work Issues

  • Self-esteem

  • Relationships

  • Body Focussed Repetitive Behaviour e.g. Trichotillomania (hair-pulling ), Dermatillomania (skin picking)

  • Lifestyle and Work Burnout

  • Obsessive thoughts / OCD

  • Life transitions/ Adjusting to Change/ Life Crises  

  • Death and bereavement

  • Losses in life and sorrow e.g. missed life opportunities, relationships, family alienation

  • Migration and Immigration e.g. international students.

Professional and Registered Practice

I am registered with the following  Professional Regulatory Association:

  • The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

  • Association For Coaching (AC).

I abide by their codes for Professional and Ethical Practice. I attend CPD and professional supervision as required by these professional organisations. 

People find my services helpful and supportive. Get in touch to book an appointment.